Learning Methods – Thinking Styles – Teaching Methods

Learning Methods – Thinking Styles – Teaching Methods

There are many different ways a person can learn something. Some learning methods work better than others. The bottom line is, you can learn anything you want, which means the possibilities are endless. There is no greater source of human powerthan the power of learning. The worlds combined knowledge is waiting for you, so don’t hesitate, for he who hesitates is lost.

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Everything is about Learning. If you want to be intelligent, you have to learn how to be intelligent. If you want to be good at a particular sport, you have to learn how to be good at a particular sport. If you want to be happy, you have to learn what happiness is. If you want to be good, you have to learn what being good is. If you want love, you have to learn what love is and what love is not. And just remembering is not enough. Memories of your knowledge and information needs to have instructionson how to use that knowledge and information effectively and efficiently. Your DNA has information and the instructions. So you see, the process of learning and applying knowledge is necessary for life. But even though learning is natural, you must take learning seriously and use learning effectively and efficiently, if not, then you will be vulnerable to many dangers, you will struggle, and you will keep making the same mistakes over and over again unknowingly. Learning is necessary for living a good life. So please don’t take learning for granted. Everything hinges on this one thing. Learning might not seem important to you, but learning is important to everything else in the world. Learning is the most important responsibility for all life, without learning, there would be no life. “Life does not tell you what to do, you have to learn what to do.” You have to deliberatelyeducate yourself and do self directing research that investigates in a systematic way all the things that you still don’t know, so that you learn the right things at the right times and keep progressing. When people stop learning, then the idle mindbecomes the devils workshop. What happens when you don’t learn enough? Every day that you do not move forward is another day that you will be left behind. If you’re not moving forward then you’re falling behind. Even when you’re close, you can still be far behind.

Learning is The Best Brain Exercise and the Best Cognitive Brain Training Program that helps you to stay Mentally Fit and keeps your Brain Staying Sharp. This makes learning at BK101 the best Mental Fitness Program that you can do.

5 Hour Rule is to invest around an hour a day in Deliberate Learning. That’s 5 hours of the 168 hours that you have in one week. You have to learn certain things in order to understand certain things. (Always continue your studies).

One of the most important things that you need to know when it comes to learning is that you have to have particular goals in mind, and you have to document and organize the things that you learn that are important to your goals, like learning to understand yourself more accurately, and learning how to understand other people more accurately, and understanding how the earth sustains life, and how everything that you do, and don’t do, has an effect on yourself, on the world, and on other people. Always update and edit your research. Use a diary, a journal, a notebook or any other technology that can help you store and save your knowledge and research. Writing things down has many benefits. Count the Words.

Not learning is like always living in the past. You never live in the present or do you think about the future and think about new ways on how to make the future better. You have to keep updating what you know and keep learning. Learning is one of the reasons why life even exists. If the cells in your body could not learn and update their DNA, no life would exist. When your cells DNA is not updated, then a virus could infect the cell and then damage the cell, or even kill the cell, all because the DNA did not have the necessary information, or the information that the DNA had was wrong, which made the cell vulnerable to the virus. And what you learn could have an affect on what your cells learn. So can can easily say that Learning is in your Blood. But inheritance does not always protect you from ignorance, especially your own ignorance. Learn from your past but don’t live in the past. Live in the present and think about the future, because that’s how reality works, life is a continuum. So you need to continually learn and go with the flow of life. It will be a much smoother ride that way.

You need to make learning fun and make it enjoyable so that you stay motivated. Reward yourself as you make progress.
Always have a plan, a goal and a purpose when learning. Have a method and a system that is effective and efficient. But you don’t want to over do it, so you need to pace yourself and you have to find a rhythm, and also be flexible. Spaced repetition learningis a good memory boosting technique and a good way to keep track of your progress and memory.

Reflective Practice is the ability to reflect on one’s actions so as to engage in a process of continuous learning.

One of the most beautiful things that comes from learning is that you don’t have to do something bad, dangerous or risky in order to understand how bad, dangerous or risky something is. This saves people from making mistakes they don’t have to make, which also saves time. Even if you feel the need to verify something for yourself, you still have to acknowledge the risk and dangers that are explained by the information passed on from other people, people who have previous experience with a particular action you are thinking about doing. Learning is a Time Loop.

I’m willing to learn, even though I will learn things that will break my heart and disappoint me, but I’m still willing to learn, and that is something I can never give up. Because learning is the path to salvation, and there is no other path, because not learning is standing still and not learning is giving up. And the reason why everyone is alive is because humans before us did not give up and they kept on going and they continued to learn. That is what a human is, and that is what life is. If it were not, then we would not be here. Nothing would be here. Adult Learning.

People pretend to know and they also feel like they know enough. But it’s only when they start learning is when they finally realize how little they know, which is normal. Nothing more damaging to the Human Mind than the illusion of learning. Not learning how important learning is can cause serious damage to the brain by implanting mental disorders and cognitive dysfunctions. There for, not teaching the importance of learning should be criminal act. It’s negligent child abuse. Schools need to teach “Learning”. Students need to learn how to ask questions, they need to know how to understand things. The importance of learning must be fully understood. Please Learn, you have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain.

Information is taken in, then the information is processed, and then it’s stored, all done without a procedure. But what if you had a procedure? Then certain information would be taken in, and then it would be carefully processed and compared to already stored information. Then the information would be carefully stored in the right places so that it can be easily recalled. This would all be possible because you now have more knowledge and more information to analyze all new information coming in, and you also have a procedure. Brain Plasticity.

Knowing how to Read is a persons greatest strength and an extremely important skill to have. Once you can decipher written languages, and then accurately process the information that’s imbedded within the written language, and, if you can haveaccess to the worlds most valuable knowledge and information, then your potential is endless, and you can accomplish almost anything that you want and reach any goal you desire. The value of your life will be enormous. If you can’t read and decipher language, then learning, development and progress will be obstructed. Don’t waste your potential, reading and learning are responsibilities that should never be taken for granted. Question Everything. Children Love to Learn. So it’s our job to make sure that The Love of Learning is never impeded or diminished in any way shape or form.

It’s not just knowing the best way to learn something new, but also knowing the best state of mind to be in. The Optimal Learning State is being rested, not starving and being ready to learn in a good environment. (Breathe – Listen) Being in theFlow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, Flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does. Being in the Zone is being focused on what you are doing, so much so, that you are unaware of all the distractions happening around you. How the information is presented can also affect learning. Managing Time and knowing the Best times to learn can also help. Thinking – Layers.

If you’re not in the right mind to learn, or you feel that something is unnecessary to learn, then learning becomes ineffective. And if the information and knowledge presented to you is fragmented, out of sequence or incoherent, that also makes learning ineffective. The bottom line is, “You can learn anything you put your mind to, but not everything that you put your mind to can be learned. There is always a preferred sequence when learning something new, and there is always a preferred method of learning something new. Did you ever wonder why you did not learn something? You know you can learn because you have a memory, so what happened? Maybe the message was not delivered effectively, or not understood effectively, or a little both? Do you need to be inspired to learn or just understand the importance of learning and the process of learning?

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